Man caught stealing pants and bras in Lagos (photo)

Man caught stealing pants and bras in Lagos (photo)
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An unidentified old man was apprehended by some youths in Ikeja for allegedly stealing clothing items including pants and bras where they were spread to dry.

A youth in the area had sighted the man and alerted neighbours as they accosted the man to verify the content in his bag.

The suspect charged at them that it was an insult to query him in such a manner. The youths however forced their way to open the bag and were shocked to find underwear including pants and bras.

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Upon interrogation, the suspect could not ascertain the purpose of having such items in his possession.

He was said to have threatened to deal with the people for insulting him, but unmoved by his threat, some youths forced the man to open the bag.

According to an eyewitness, Bayo Ojo, before the youths could descend on the suspect, the police took him away.

He said: “We were upstairs and all of a sudden, one of us, Tunde, saw a man picking up bras, pants and some clothes that were spread outside.

“When he was done, he looked in different directions to ensure that nobody saw him. As he began walking away with those items, we came down and alerted other residents, who stopped him.

“Rather than being remorseful, the man began threatening that he would deal with us for insulting him.

“When the people asked him to open the bag he was carrying, he bragged that he was going to beat them up. But when the people forced him to open the bag, they were surprised to see bras, pants and clothes in the bag.”

The police however deny that the matter was reported. When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Chike Oti, said the incident had not been reported to the police.

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He said: “Nothing like that was reported at our end. I called all the divisions in the Area ‘F’; I even called the commander, who also called the divisional police officers one by one, and they said the incident of bras and pants theft by a man had not been reported to them.

“Even if it happened, the people did not report to us.”

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