Igbos are seed of progress that yield harvests of progress – Reno Omokri

Igbos are seed of progress that yield harvests of progress – Reno Omokri
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Reno Omokri writes…

My tweets about the Igbo were spontaneous and provoked by recent comments and events in the country which show ignorance about the value they bring.

I am not Igbo and I don’t have to be one to appreciate the obvious ingenuity God has domiciled in them.

Igbos are like palm trees in the desert. If you see palm trees, you know water is there. If you see an Igbo in a town, you know progress is there. Not as if they go where progress is. They themselves are seed of progress that yield harvests of progress.

To have a proper understanding of what the Igbo have achieved, consider that every Igbo man, woman and child in Nigeria was reduced to £20 after the civil war in 1970. But look at how far they have come since then. They turned adversity to prosperity.

No ethnic group are as Nigerian as the Igbo. An Igbo builds his family, his house and his businesses in whatever part of Nigeria he finds himself. They don’t exploit other regions. They expand other regions. It is a disservice to treat them as unwanted.

Instead of making Igbos feel unwelcome, leaders should welcome them. Anyone who thinks the Igbo really want to break away does not understand economics. In 2003, Elrufai revealed Igbos own 73% of land in Abuja. Google it. That is commitment to Nigeria.

This idea that Igbo come to exploit other regions is unscientific. Igbos create value. They dont take value already created. Example, by opening shops, Igbos creates value by meeting a need. Without Igbo, the price of spare-parts in the North will be x4.

It might shock you to know there are more Igbo doctors practicing in other parts of Nigeria than in the SE. Thousands of Igbos are battling Boko Haram in the NE. These are critical values. People who bring such value should be celebrated, not denigrated.

And to the Igbos themselves, I give this counsel-stop returning to the SE to register to vote and be voted for. Register and contest wherever you are. That shows that your commitment is TOTAL. Contest where you are for Governor, LGA Chairman and NASS.

If you as an Igbo keep returning to the SE to register to vote and be voted for, you agree with those who don’t see you as part of the regions where you live. You have a constitutionally guaranteed right to vote and be voted for where you are resident.

Finally, I am NOT Igbo or married to one. Some people think I‘m Igbo because of a video Onyeka Onwenu did calling me her son. She did not mean it literally. I am proud of Onyeka. She is not my mother. She just has an appreciation of my love for ndi’Igbo

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