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8 drama-filled telenovelas on GOtv that will keep you longing for more


We all know Telenovelas leave us expressing all the emotions available to mankind….and that’s what we absolutely love about them!

So, if you are a fan of unexpected plot twists and tear-jerking moments, then this list below is for you.

Spoiler Alert! Most of programmes have details about the next episodes.

Telemundo (channel 14)

  1. Decisions S1 airs daily at 7pm. On this Thursday’s episode, Carlos, a swimming instructor, is told by his boss that one of his students is suing him for sexual harassment. Later, he’s questioned by a detective.
  2. Dangerous Affairsairs weekends with back to back episodes from 2:20pm. On the episode airing Saturday, 20th June, Jaime threatens Juan Pablo, telling him to give himself up to the police. Meanwhile, Yesenia visits her brother in jail and talks to him about Mauricio.
  3. The Way To Paradise airs daily 9pm. On this Thursday’s episode, Gato Gordo reports Paola to the police for possession of drugs. Meanwhile, Catalina tell the DEA agents that she accepts his offer.
  4. Brand new! Iron Rose S2 premieres Monday, 22nd June at 7pm. The formidable Iron Rose, Altagracia Sandoval, has become a mere legend to her enemies ever since she suddenly vanished. She comes out of hiding and returns to Mexico to solve the disappearance of her former lover, Saul.

Zee World (channel 25)

  1. Age Is Just A Number airs daily at 6pm. On the episode airing Thursday, 18th June; Gautam kidnaps Sahil and the Agarwal family suspects Vedika for the kidnapping. Puneesh hires criminals to harass Vedika Mathur.
  2. Season 2 of This Is Fate airs daily at 7pm. Two sisters embark on a new journey to a new city. Destiny has been unkind to them.

FOX Life (channel 20)

  1. Along Came Love airs weekdays at 2:50pm. On Thursday’s episode Juan tells Lilian that he has a way of getting rid of Luciana. Martha is shocked when Luciana tells her that her work visa was denied and so, she must return to Mexico.
  2. Secrets At The Hotel airs Weekdays at 3:40pm. On the next episode; Natalia arrives with the priest for Andres and Belen’s wedding. Teresa asks Diego if he had something to do with Belen’s disappearance.

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