Any Pastor Without Job Is A Thief – Prophet Brown


A youthful Nigerian prophet and preacher, Major Brown Adeseyoju, popularly called ‘Ceezar’ has categorically hit out at men and women who have no traceable means of income and decided to explore vulnerable Nigerians for a living by giving themselves titles like, Pastor, Prophet, General over seer and the likes.

The talented singer and CEO of Ceezar Dry cleaning company simply described them as thieves.

The lanky preacher was speaking to the media at the premises of Shalom Blessed Parish, Celestial Church of Christ ,25 Abiola street oke-ira, he said , “of a truth, any man of God that only relies on church offering box is a thief. Don’t get me wrong; because I know when God calls you he provides.

“But, look at it, Jesus learnt furniture making from his earthly father. When he began his ministry he had professionals around him, not lazy illiterates. Ok! when they asked for tax, he used the expertise of Peter as a fisher man and said go and catch a fish and you will get money from the mouth of the fish. Read your bible, every great person with Jesus had a profession.

“Let’s face our own time, Bishop David Oyedepo, is an architect and renown lecturer, Adeboye , is a blessed wizkid in mathematics and a great lecturer.TD Jakes , in America, is a massive movie maker . So, in Nigeria, I find it funny, when people just wake up from their laziness and say they are called. For me, they are simply extortionist and hungry thieves.

When the young prophet was asked if this line of thought was taken to popularize his high end laundry company, a shy smile escaped his mouth as he spoke “ I am speaking for the body of Christ, because fake prophets and preachers are destroying the church, and we cannot keep silent. Anyway , all I can say is ,Ceezars laundry, gives you the definition of cleanliness and hygiene,” he enthused.

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