Brain Disorder: How 7-year-old Gradually Recovered From Years Of Challenges


7-year-old Somtochukwu Maduka suffers from a form of brain disorder and for many years her family sought for help from several medical centers without getting proper diagnosis, until their encounter with Brain and Body Foundation (BBF).

BBF is a registered non-profit organization established to make important nutrients which are critical to the healthy development of children easily accessible to parents and caregivers.

According to Somtochukwu’s father Francis Maduka, the problem got worse last year.

He said: “In 2018, the problem rose as she could not walk, neither talk nor move again.

“We consulted so many doctors who prescribed several drugs to her, but it got worse. However, in March 2019, a neighbour who is a nurse directed us to Brain and Body Foundation, and after medical diagnosis she was given supplements; you can see her there, she is now walking. She has started moving, the only thing left now is for her to talk.”

Unfortunately in other cases, some parents neglect or isolate such children, but according to the Executive Director of BBF, Dr.David Ajibade, the right kind of approaches must be adopted in treatment of such children.


He said: “Our approach is called the building strength approach. We look at how to strengthen the brain; how to improve brain function. We are not treating the condition, we are looking at how we can aid the body to function effectively.”

BBF partners with the Federal Ministry of Health and other relevant agencies to provide treatments and succour to persons like Somtochukwu Maduka with the hope of assisting them to fulfill their potentials in life.


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