Fani-Kayode: Why l covered my wife’s madness for 7 years


Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation, says he covered the “madness” of Precious Chikwendu, his estranged wife, for seven years so as to protect their children.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page on Sunday, the ex-minister also said he would no longer indulge in the ongoing media exchange with Chikwendu.

Fani-Kayode said his recent outburst wherein he revealed that he once caught his wife in bed with a married man was because “my hand has been forced.”

He said his estranged wife should channel her plights to the appropriate quarters rather than “secretly” feed the media with “damaging scandals” aimed at destroying their children’s future.

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“If she has any issues let her use the right medium as a responsible adult and mother and stop secretly feeding the media with damaging scandals geared towards the destruction of our children’s future,” he wrote.

“I have kept quiet in order to protect my children, I have covered all her madness over the past 7 years and not once did I expose her. But the facts are there and the witnesses and evidence are readily available for the courts.

“I broke my silence yesterday only because my hand has been forced. Rather than focusing on the problem of brutality and evil plaguing our country, or the myriad of other issues holding citizens hostage, some people would prefer to spread and partake in what amounts to celebrity gossip and chopped videos. Who in Nigeria does this benefit exactly? What is the use?

“Those involved in this smear campaign are begging for further responses which I will not give them. My private relationship and any disagreements therein are just that: private and I have learned my lesson on feeding into parasocial media culture.”

He said he would henceforth dissipate his energy into discussing issues affecting the nation.

Fani-Kayode added that he would only entertain issues concerning his estranged wife in court.

“Acting is a professional field all on its own but thankfully so is law. Any and all videos, testimonies, documentation and other evidence coming from my end will only be displayed in court, where these issues can be resolved once and for all,” he added.

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