FIFA U/17 World Cup, Naija Comedy Pop Up Channel, New Series Alert This November On GOtv

November promises to be a great month for exciting TV content on your GOtv, getting you ready for the festive season. So, sit back, relax and enjoy what we have in store for you and your family!
GOtv will be launching a Naija Comedy Pop-up channel which will display some of Nigeria’s top comedy shows
and moments from Thursday, 7 th November till the 7 th of December. This will be made available 12 hours daily from 11am to the MAX and Plus subscribers on GOtv channel 29. Get ready to laugh yourself into stitches!

Watch out for the premiere of two Tyler Perry’s shows set to air this Thursday, every Thursday on BET (GOtv channel 21). The Oval, which centers around the new first family moving into the White House, showing at 9:30pm and Sistas, which revolves around a group of single black ladies as they navigate their complicated love lives, careers and friendships through the ups and downs of living in a modern world, watch out for the show at 8:30pm. Upgrade to GOtv MAX now! MyGOtv App is available for download for iOS and Android users at no cost, you do not want to miss out on this.
Support your fellow Nigerians playing this Friday, 1 st November in the FIFA U/17 World Cup: Australia vs Nigeria at 9pm on Select 2 (GOtv channel 32). Join the LaLiga Santander: Real Madrid vs Real Betis on Saturday, 2nd November at 9pm on Select 4 (GOtv channel 34) and Italian Serie A: AC Milan vs Lazio at 8:45pm on Sunday, 3rd November on Select 5 (GOtv channel 36). For more information on the unmatched football on GOtv and the upcoming fixtures, visit .

Keep yourself occupied this Friday night with Telenovelas on Telemundo (Got channel 14) such as The Queen of the South which tells a story about a woman called Teresa Mendoza, who was forced to seek refuge in America after the murder of her drug dealing boyfriend in Mexico, catch this weekday at 9pm and in Betty in New York, Armando is furious with Ricardo, and tells him not to mess with Betty. Later, Nicolás kisses Betty in front of Armando, catch this dramatic episode on Friday 1 st November at 7pm.
The kids can enjoy their Saturday with Doc McStuffins, showing on Disney Junior (GOtv channel 60). Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins is a nurturing 6-year-old girl who cares for stuffed animals and toys in her playhouse clinic. When she puts on her stethoscope, something magical happens, toys, dolls and stuffed animals come to life and she can communicate with them! To follow this amazing adventure, tune in on Saturday, 2 nd November at 5pm.

For new local content, Muqabala premiers on Tuesday, 5 th November at 7:30pm on AM Hausa (GOtv channel 4). An ambitious girl called Nadia is divided between two men who want her hand in marriage. To find out how
she decides, tune in! Drama? Suspense? Betrayal? Kindred Hearts is for you!
On this episode Arjun, Jia and Akash capture Rano and threaten to reveal the secret she has been hiding. They are almost successful in doing so when Ambika finds them and foils their efforts. This soap is showing on Zee World (GOtv channel 25) Sunday, 3 rd November at 6pm.

If you are fascinated by the other side, then Ghost Lab S2 is for you! A new episode ‘The innocent’ airs on Monday, 4 th November at 10:45pm on Real Time (GOtv channel 12). The Klinge brothers detect paranormal activity in the basement of a notorious, abandoned Civil War era orphanage. Can they expel the spirit of an abusive matron?

Curious about the universe? Strip the Cosmos Starts Thursday 7 th November at 7:10pm on Discovery Family (GOtv channel 50).
There are some questions that have baffles mankind for centuries; and when it comes to
the universe, new mysteries continue to unfold. How are supermassive black holes formed? Where do mysterious skyscraper-sized asteroids come from, what is the hidden history of the moon? With expert analysis the series follows exciting scientific missions up close as they reveal the structure, origins and destiny of the universe.

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