Nigeria’s COVID-19 confirmed cases soar to 1932, Kano becoming epicenter


A total of two hundred and four (204) confirmed cases were recorded by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Thursday night, April 30 as the pandemic spread worsens in Nigeria.

Kano state alone recorded 80 fresh cases and it is now becoming the epicenter of the infection in the country while Lagos recorded 45 fresh cases.

Recall that there are strange deaths in Kano recently with top leaders of communities affected.

It is unclear how many people have died, as the deaths causing concern are happening in the community. Deaths in many parts of Nigeria are not registered, and so for those who died outside of hospital, no records are kept.

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This makes it difficult to understand how many people have died in recent weeks.

The deaths of about 640 people in the Northern state spark fears, more because the NCDC earlier stopped testing got COVID-19 after it lamented lack of medical equipment.

Also on Thursday night, Bayelsa state which recorded its index case on Tuesday has now recorded four new cases making it five cases in the state.

The total number of confirmed cases in Nigeria have now reached 1932 with 59 deaths. However, 319 have been discharged.

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