Shina Peller: The telling signs of a rookie parliamentarian


Like the proverbial tortoise that disorganized its mother’s funeral, Hon. Shina Abiola Peller has continued to prove to the good people of his constituents that he represents Iseyin Federal Constituency not Kajola, Iwajowa and Itesiwaju Federal Constituency.

On the 14th of July, 2020 there was this image containing the list of Bills sponsored by Hon. Shina Abiola Peller for the establishment of Federal Tertiary Institutions in Iseyin, Oyo State circulating on social media.

What caught the eyes of the good people of Iseyin, Itesiwaju, Iwajowa and Kajola Federal Constituency in Oyo State was that he proposed two (2) Bills seeking for the establishment of Federal College of Agricultural, Iseyin with bill number:HB-964 and Federal Polytechnic, Iseyin with bill number:HB-965.

What’s puzzling is he had already has his mind made up on the location of the two proposed tertiary institutions. How come is it that an honorable member representing four (4) local government areas will feel no shame siting the above mentioned proposed tertiary institutions in his native local government area—Iseyin; neglecting the other three(3) local government areas with the aims to cause crisis.

We at the Oke ogun South-West begin to wonder why Shina Peller is continuously committing this type of legislative blunder. The fact that he is a new comer and a stranger in his party APC, Iseyin LG, has he not been briefed by his people , leaders or even read on the pages of newspaper that there is an approved Federal Polytechnic, Ayede, Ogbomosho ably sponsored in 2011 by former Senator representing Oyo Central Senatorial District in the Senate, Sen. Ayo Adeseun who doubled as Chairman, Senate Committee on Capital Market in the 7th Assembly? Why sponsoring another bill again for the establishment of Federal Polytechnic in Iseyin LG? Is this not a mirage, scam, legislative trick, Sakamanje or deceit? We need to be vigilant.

Two Federal Polytechnics in the same State, this is highly embarrassing. We have no apology for this, since our honourable member has shown his interior motive to us (the good people of Iwajowa, Kajola and Itesiwaju LGs), we therefore reject in entirety that those humongous Bills are dead on arrival and can never see the light of the day. And if they are to scale through the legislative process, then you need to sponsor another Bill seeking for the creation of Iseyin Federal Constituency.

This is a man who promised the good people of this Constituency during the 2019 electioneering campaign that he would ensure equal representation of all the four (4) local government areas that constitute his constituency. Aside this, he also made an Oath of Allegiance that he would serve strictly with the abidance to the principles of equity, justice and fairness.

So, one begins to wonder what he really meant by equal representation if Iseyin will be the only beneficiary of this two humongous institutions that could catalyse the socioeconomic growth of any community it’s being sited. This shows that Iseyin LGA is his only focus as a place to entrench development and prosperity. If this is so, it means, he’s not even qualfied at the onset to be a member of the Federal House of Representatives—whose core objective is to ensure that people irrespective of their locality are been adequately represented.We want to believe you have not done this in order to cause crisis among the four Local Governments

We would not have had any problem had one of the two (2) proposed projects is being sited at any of the three (3) neglected local government areas. This is just a similitude of an inexperienced parliamentarian and first-timer revealing his ineptitude and lack of proper consultation of the creme de la creme of the legislative business whom could have offered him guidance and help him as practicable as possible.

We therefore urge you to seek for legislative advice from Senator Abdulfatai Buhari on your two (2) proposed bills and also, we will equally be glad if you could collaborate with this same man on his non controversial bill seeking for the establishment of Federal University of Technology and Agriculture in Okeogun— which has scaled through first and second reading in the upper chamber with the expectation for the leaders to determine the exact location .The more the merrier ,so goes the English saying.

Written by:Oke Ogun South-West Concerned Group

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