Uproar on social media as Americans call for the Arrest of Bill Gates


Bill Gates is currently trending on twitter as new videos have emerged showing Americans storm the streets to protest against the billionaire and his push for mandatory vaccines in the near future.

A number of potential drugs manufactured or repurposed to treat the coronavirus are under development, but Business Insider points out that eight to 10 of the 115 different vaccine candidates look promising, according to Bill Gates.

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Gates, whose foundation is spearheading funding and research for a coronavirus vaccine, authored on Thursday that explained the process of how vaccines work and what is needed to develop an effective treatment.

“The most promising candidates take a variety of approaches to protecting the body against COVID-19,” Gates explains. “To understand what exactly that means, it’s helpful to remember how the human immune system works.”

However, Americans have rejected the move as they have taken to social media to call for the arrest of the wealthy man saying he won’t vaccinate himself and members of his family.

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